The intricate requires method. The complex calls for flexibility. Our approach aims to meet both of these requirements.


We believe that any project begins by listening. We believe in the importance of taking the time to get to know each other to build a transparent and meaningful relationship. Then, we try to understand the nature and scope of a specific need. We outline the solution that will serve as a benchmark for future work, in a lively and dynamic manner, drawing upon the interested parties within the organization. The vision that emerges must be unifying and mobilizing.


We convey into an estimate our understanding of the issue and suggest the methods that seem the most appropriate to execute the solution. We make sure our clients thoroughly understand the options they are offered to make an informed and fully conscious choice.

In our efforts to guarantee the success of the project, we offer our clients the support they need to have a broader reflection to ensure and adjust the adequacy between management practices and solution implementation, as required.

We also offer services for designing task support, training and change management.


We enter into the execution and production phase, where the chosen solution will first be made into a prototype according to our usability and performance standards. Next, the models are presented to our clients to validate compliance with the proposed solutions. We then proceed to develop the solution into the chosen applications and carry out the usual tests until it goes into production.

Development and Innovation Center (CDI)

Based in Quebec, CDI regroups professionals from different horizons: SharePoint, EPM Project Server, .Net, JavaScript, interface design, training and change management, all under the supervision of a dedicated project manager.

CDI is also a research and development centre with a team working on a project where mobility, proximity and documentation are usefully reunited within the business.

CDI serves clients across the province.