Document Life Cycle

Manage the entire life cycle of your information assets, from digitization to archiving.


Electronic Document Management

All the information of a business does not have the same value, and some information must be managed in a more structured manner, like documents of a contractual, financial and legal nature. Electronic document management is about controlling the life cycle of the most critical documents, from first draft to publication and disposal.

This whole cycle is governed by a set of rules that we call electronic document management. Among other things, it allows you to respect your classification plan and conservation calendar which can be applied to different types of documents. A document is stocked in a single place so as not to have multiple versions of the document in circulation. Thus, you can be sure you are using the right version of the document. Moreover, archive management (record management) allows you to keep documents that are critical to the organization, including on a legal level.


  • Standardizes file classification
  • Optimizes research performance
  • Ensures content integrity

Here is the podcast regarding electronic document management featured during the “Entraîne ta fibre” radio show.

Technologies : SharePoint, Liferay, Office 365

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Digitalization of Documents

The digitization of documents involves integrating paper documentation in your digital assets. Besides digitization, we establish business rules to automatically categorize and file these documents. Optical character recognition engines (OCR) are used to read the content to improve categorization. In the specific case of supplier invoices, it is even possible to apply the automated processing of invoices based on the information captured.


  • Faster processing of certain documents, including supplier invoices
  • More comprehensive research that includes paper assets
  • Optimization of office space by reducing the space devoted to paper

Technologies : SharePoint, Office 365, T2i

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