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The recipe to emerge from collaborative chaos

Having a digital transformation game plan, a road map and the right steps to get there is our specialty. Discover our fieldproven approach.

Collab + Management + Automation + AI

Our mission: To make organizations emerge from the collaborative chaos

In the new knowledge economy, creating and sharing knowledge in your organization gives you an important competitive advantage. Good decisions should be made with the right information on hand.

In our desire to ensure the success of your digital transformation, we offer our clients the opportunity to support them in a broader reflection in order to ensure and adjust as necessary the adequacy between management practices and the implementation of your digital workplace and Intranet.

Being a Single Team, Your Partner

Meta offers its dedicated remote development team in the SharePoint digital workplace and intranet, Office 365 and Azure ecosystem. We are able to implement and adapt SharePoint and its related products to meet your business needs.

Our team is part of our clients’ projects: your project is ours too. Whatever your methodology, we adapt and integrate your operating mode.

Our Philosophy

Each digital transformation is unique. We approach each project with a philosophy that sets the Meta team apart.

Always be on the lookout

Technology is moving fast. We move just as fast.

Together, we go further

A multidisciplinary team comes with collaboration.

Being responsive

We believe that every customer is unique, as are their needs.

Change is innovation

We believe that change must be positive.

Have fun

Our projects are serious and fun at the same time!