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Developing a good plan: the foundation of a legendary monument

We believe in the importance of understanding the nature and scope of your needs. We sketch the outlines of the solution, all in a lively and dynamic way. “He who wants to build high must dig deep.” – Mongolian proverb

Business Analysis

In order to innovate, it is important to understand the business needs and goals of the organization. Meta assists you in identifying your needs and issues. By combining the mission, vision, and purpose of the company, it will be possible to identify measurable objectives. The result of this analysis will shed light on the technological choices that benefit your business and allow you to take action while maximizing your return on investment.

Process Analysis

Each company has its recipe, made up of a multitude of processes that interact with each other and directly impact the performance of the organization. However, many companies do not fully measure the scope and complexity of these processes, nor the loss of efficiency resulting from a lack of optimization of procedures.

In order to properly determine a process, it is important to know its purpose, objectives, and activities. Meta analyzes your processes and allows you to optimize them!

Technology Analysis

Every technology has its strengths and weaknesses. The right tool has to be used for the right thing. Always on the lookout for technological developments and best practices surrounding major technologies, Meta can assist you in the identification and selection of your technologies.

Meta is also able to analyze carefully whether or not you are using the full potential of your current technology.


Architecture is a reflection on the organization and integration of the different elements of your ecosystem. In order to structure and organize your IT implementation and evolution projects, Meta can produce a target solution architecture integrating technology and business aspects. By proposing a structured and optimal division of this architecture into different initiatives, we will allow you to move to the implementation stage while respecting your IT governance.

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