Technological Expertise

Being experts at managing content, we like to propose different tools and are willing to suggest other more relevant solutions according to your needs.

Office 365

Office 365 is a comprehensive content management solution. It includes content editing tools, i.e. thick client or Web-based Office suite. It also includes a series of tools to manage content: Web files and contents (SharePoint, Teams, Groups), messaging (Skype, Yammer) and dashboards (Power BI), complemented by a search engine supported by artificial intelligence (Delve). Mobile applications allow you to access contents from your mobile device or edit your documents from your tablet. The service is offered to employees on a monthly rental basis. Groupe Metalogique uses this solution to manage the collaborative ecosystem.

Here is the podcast regarding Office 365 featured during the “Entraîne ta fibre” radio show. (French only)


SharePoint is a platform for managing Web and office content. It is a powerful tool for managing your business memory. It offers many functions that can be configured and used without the help of developers. Produced by Microsoft, this product includes the tools from the Office suite, very popular in most organizations. Many of our employees have Microsoft certifications for this product.


Nintex is a complementary solution to SharePoint and Office 365 that allows the easy automation of work procedures. Whether it is welcoming an employee, approving expenditure accounts, procuring materials or planning maintenance tasks, Nintex makes the assignment and monitoring of duties easier.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is an alternative to traditional hosting. It essentially aims at using, in “colocation” mode, the best data centres available on the market. You get an excellent level of availability for a fraction of the price of infrastructures.

Here is the podcast regarding cloud computing during the “Entraîne ta fibre” radio show. (French only)


Coginov solutions are based on a semantic search engine. This engine not only indexes words, but interprets natural language to “understand” the documents. Various functions were developed to capitalize on this search engine.

Powell 365

Powell 365 is a digital workplace platform used for personalized intranets. Based on SharePoint Online, it consolidates in one place all the Office 365 elements you need in your business, according to your needs. In addition, by allowing easy management of the architecture, multilingual content and design layouts, you will take ownership of your new intranet in no time.


Valo offers a solution that transforms SharePoint or Office 365 in a performing and user-friendly intranet portal. With a home page inspired by the most ergonomic intranets in the world, this tool facilitates user support by providing a simplified access to the functions offered by SharePoint. It also offers an intranet information architecture model based on more than a hundred projects.

Entreprise Project Manager (EPM)

This tool allows you to centralize an organization’s project monitoring (MS Project). It is an essential tool for a business managing many projects simultaneously. By centralizing projects, you can have access to dashboards stating the general progress of work and more easily identify the possible bottlenecks, like an employee or a machine required for two projects at a time.

Microsoft .Net

.Net is the programming language of Microsoft products. It is one of the most used tools for web applications, with Java and PHP. SharePoint is based on the .Net language, and the customization of its functions uses this language. Our developers are seasoned programmers of this language.


Somewhat like SharePoint, Liferay is a platform allowing you to capture and share the corporate memory of an organization. Based on Java, Liferay has the great advantage of being a multiplatform, which may better suit some businesses.