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Our History

Meta is first and foremost the story of a community of SharePoint document management experts who came together within the Groupe Metalogique entity in 2010. Tech-savvy and passionate about the business world, it did not take more for the founders of the company to dream big and develop over the years a service offering centered on the Microsoft ecosystem: From the very fashion on-premises server environments in 2010, the company was quick to adopt Microsoft cloud computing from its infancy in order to generate value for its customers. In-depth M365 expertise has thus been developed, combined with sustained growth. Today, Meta’s line-up form one of the largest expertise center in the fields of digital workplace, document management systems, organizational processes and compliance, ready to help you reach new heights.

Our Experts

Meta is a Microsoft GOLD Partner. Under this level of partnership, our experts must demonstrate the highest level of competence and certification in the industry. They also hold the most demanding certifications required by our partners Nintex® and Ichicraft®. By doing business with Meta, not only is the experience guaranteed, but you can always count on the guarantee of cutting-edge expertise delivered to your advantage, in a spirit of camaraderie and conviviality.

Our Methodology

The only real methodology in place at Meta is one of high-speed adaptation to the reality of its customers. Do you thrive on sprints and are supporters of robust SCRUMS? The Meta experts will follow you in agility. Your reality or your resources do not lend themselves to it and you want to have a turnkey project delivered to you? Once again, our experts will adapt. Where we won’t compromise, however, is in power-analysis, adoption and change management: all our projects contain a related contingency, and our experience will keep you away from the many potential pitfalls along the way. Like at Anfield, you’ll never walk alone!

Collaborate with Meta

Big or small, every project matters, and there is no magic recipe that can solve all your challenges with the snap of a finger. Meta will always take the time necessary to properly analyze your issues and opportunities, and will plan with you the optimal mode of collaboration. Whether it is through support in the planning phase, an in-depth audit of your existing system or a major digital transformation project requiring development, you can count on Meta and its network, and be confident to deliver your project to your pace, according to your organizational realities and deadlines.