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Be part of the team!

To become part of the Meta family is to develop one’s full potential and work alongside experts, people who will push us to set our sights higher. It is also, and above all, connecting with endearing colleagues and joining a tightly-knit team where mutual help, sharing and good spirit are part of the job.

Jobs at Meta

Meta, a Human-Sized Company

In an increasingly complex world, where the competitive advantage can be fleeting, you have to be able to:

  • Quickly access vital information;
  • Connect people to host and follow relevant conversations;
  • Provide strategic intelligence on areas that affect our industry.

To that end, you need simple, user-friendly and powerful tools. These are precisely our concerns: ensuring the choice and deployment of IT solutions that optimize operational efficiency. Everything begins with active listening, a desire to guide and enlighten, and ends with a harmonious and valued deployment.

We are an ambitious firm that believes that every employee can contribute to the success of the company. Team spirit, the desire to innovate, the quality of work and the pleasure of collaborating are values ​​that we cherish in our employees.

We are looking for the most motivated and passionate individuals who want to excel.

Our Values

We believe that the value of an organization lies in the interaction between its employees, or in other words, its collaboration.



For us, work should be a source of fulfillment as great as personal life itself. We want every employee to be happy to go to work every morning.



The quality of our work depends on our curiosity and resourcefulness to find original solutions to the problems of our customers. We must constantly be on the lookout for new ways of doing things or new tools at our disposal.



Our reputation is based on the quality of our work, which is itself grounded in our attention to detail and disdain for mediocrity. Employees are not content to be good: they are constantly striving for excellence in their work.



It’s the polite way to describe it. That’s what we call being a team player. A team player is one who chooses to make a pass to secure a goal, takes a penalty for the team and prefers the team’s victory over his personal stats.

Our Benefits

Because we are more together.


Group insurance

A comprehensive and competitive insurance plan.

Flexible hours

An ideal balance between work and personal life.

Continuing education

Tools to grow and push their limits.


Snack bar

For any and all cravings, whether sweet or salty.


Social club

Various activities to build relationships and socialize together.


Easy transportation

Paid parking and public transportation.


Because We Are a Community!

There are many good causes out there. We have chosen to support two organizations in our community whose mission is particularly important to us.

Meta is proud to be able to give back to the community through the voice of Moisson Québec and Pignon Bleu.

Career Opportunities

Here are the positions currently available, posted on Jobillico (French Only):

Propulsé par Jobillico

Submit a spontaneous application

Can’t find that coveted job among our offers? We are constantly looking for talent. Submit a spontaneous application if you wish to hold one of the following positions:

  • Information Architect
  • SharePoint Architect
  • Analyst Programmer

To submit your application: [email protected]