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Digital transformation implementation

Working together is success.

Whether it is tools customization integrated into your company or a global digital transformation implementation, our digital workplace and intranet experts will meet your needs.

Development of a digital transformation implementation project

Production + Development

Your digital transformation implementation team and expertise

Meta is a specialized digital transformation team for the SharePoint digital workplace, Office 365 and Azure ecosystem. We can adapt the Office 365 platform to meet your business needs. Whether it is tools customization integrated into your company or the implementation of a brand new project, Meta’s team is flexible and versatile.

Implementation is a critical phase of a digital transformation requiring expertise, experience and the use of industry best practices. With experience on more than 200 projects, you can trust us!

Integration of Solutions

The tools of your intranet and digital workplace

Being specialists in digital workplace management with Office 365, we like to offer different tools according to your needs and objectives. We do not hesitate to suggest other more relevant solutions for your digital transformation implementation and go further if necessary!

integration of solutions in a digital transformation implementation

The most used solutions

Office 365 specialists - digital transformation implementation
Sharepoint digital transformation implementation used in a digital transformation implementation
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