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State of the art expertise in SharePoint and Microsoft 365 document management systems.

From the creation of a new intranet to the more sophisticated information systems

– Easily identifiable documents
– M365 (Office 365) tools and documents accessible from anywhere
– Improved collaboration
– Accessible, valid and useful organizational data

SharePoint, finally adapted to your business needs.

Two uses in the same ecosystem!

Intelligent intranet: Offered in a “low-code, no-code” format, the Meta Intranet becomes accessible and editable for everyone, without compromising on user experience and security. The traditional intranet has evolved into an intelligent intranet: a toolkit ‘’…adapted to your organization many functions and roles.

Document management Systems: The memory and intelligence of your business! Ensures that the right information is in circulation, that it is reviewed and accessible to the right people, all while maximizing the rules of retention and tracking.

Meta's digital transformation.

Migration (M365 SharePoint)

We migrate your documents and tools to make them collaborative and accessible from anywhere, and optimize your information filing systems.

M365 implementation

We implement Microsoft solutions relevant to the needs of your operations.

M365 Sharepoint customization

We build the structure of your Microsoft environment based on your document management system and your SharePoint, M365 workflows.

Support (advice and consultation)

We align the structure of your document management system with Microsoft best practices, including your SharePoint / M365 workflows.

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