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Raising performance standards within Microsoft 365.

A vast and powerful ecosystem. An everchanging and evolving business reality. Our certified experts are ready to listen and help you fulfill your ambitions!

An expert level coaching
to answer your business needs.

Digital Workplace

Microsoft 365 is the logical path to an effective and open workspace. Boost your capabilities and drive your staff happiness upward!

Document Management System

From a simple archiving toolset toward an intelligent, efficient, AI driven and paperless office, we can help you do your math.

Business Process

Map the wide array of your operational processes, learn from them, and automate them: this is what productivity is all about.

Compliance and Security

Your critical and sensible data and contents may be at risk! Take the first step toward a higher security aligned with your industrial and legal obligations.

What a digital transformation powered by Meta
means for your organization:

Offer a mobile environment that offers mobility as well as connectivity.

‘Setup document management rules to facilitate the research of information within
your business ecosystem’

Reduce manual and recurring tasks and increase your staff happiness and productivity’.

Use artificial intelligence to accelerate the pace at which you can gather data, analyse it and seize opportunities.

M365 dashboards tailored to the needs of your organization and your employees.

Increase your productivity & your employees hapiness.

Ichicraft widgets allow you to create relevant M365 dashboards to provide all the information you need to inform your daily operations.

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At Meta, we understand that what makes an expert happy is to be able to engage with the latest high-end technology in a friendly team environment with co-workers that knows what they talk about.
Our 50+ experts community will welcome what you can bring on the table and push you to develop new skills in a spirit of innovation. Come and try us!

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