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Corporate boards & M365 widgets
by Ichicraft:

Unleash the power of your digital workspaces and
raise the bar in term of employees engagement.

M365 dashboards tailored to the needs of your organization and your employees.

Increase your productivity & your employees hapiness.

Ichicraft widgets allow you to create relevant M365 dashboards to provide all the information you need to inform your daily operations.

Widgets and dashboard
for all your Power Apps


Power BI

App Launcher

To do list





One Drive

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The value of Ichicraft widgets within your Microsoft 365 ecosystem


The right information at the service of the right profile: increase the relevance of your content for your various employees.

User experience

Easily configure, modify and duplicate your widgets to suit your evolving management needs.

Quick and comprehensive overview

Get instant updates on your budgets, operations and other performance indicators at a glance, from all your M365 tools.

Increased productivity

Beyond dashboards, use your main applications quickly and easily, just one click away.

Where Ichicraft works its magic

Building your intranet in Teams, it’s possible! Focus your content on your end users and let instant broadcast increase your views

Easy configuration on your modules allows you to increase the versatility of your SharePoint functionalities, from a simple document vault to the most sophisticated intranet site.

Adapt your content and features easily with a seamless and relevant cross-platform experience.

Some of our satisfied customers

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